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Robotics Made in Italy makes Companies stronger and fosters people’s quality of life.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) conceptualizes rapid change for technology, industries, and societal patterns due to increasing interconnectivity and smart automations. As history teaches, any relevant change of this magnitude needs to be mastered and properly adapted into our society, and this precisely how Italrobot operates. We provide production models which transform a machine into a valuable tool at the service of humankind while increasing revenues and profits for the company. We like to call it the Technological Renaissance of the new millennium.


Tea Impianti, a company based in the Campania region of Italy and successfully operating in the industrial automation market since decades, launches the ARQUE project (Robotic Assembly of Electrical Quadri) to engineer and build the first ever robotic cell capable of assembling electrical and automation panels. Strong R&D relationships are then established with prime university centers and international labs, including collaborations with European and Japanize robots manufactures.


Tea Impianti participates in the “Smart & Start” public program issued by the Ministry of Economic Development. The goal is to bring the skills already developed in specific industrial fields into sectors not yet addressed by Automation and Robotics. The project’s core technological benefits (and its business plan approach) were very strong, and so it reached the interest of various private and public entities willing to invest in this new venture.


Italrobot was etablished as Tea Impianti’s spin-off with the goal of bringing technological innovations and better work environments to strategic industrial sectors.

Italrobot R&D Principles


Transversal Know-how

We transfer our in-depth automation and robotics knowledge into a variety of production sectors and practices: agriculture, surgery, maintenance & handling, traditional welding, cutting procedures, palletization, and more. We are also engaged in the rethinking of inspection and surveillance activities using collaborative teams of drones, aircrafts, and divers, for military, archaeological and environmental applications.


Applied Research

We understand and connect the needs of the production sectors with research centers to build prototypes aimed to reach the market after a period of testing. We have constantly available robots and automation components to be integrated into our custom-made production models. Every day, our engineers work on designing and integrating cutting-edge technologies also developed in AI and Machine Learning environments, as well as they verify on-going performance of ready-to-market solutions.


Open to collaborations

We keep the research and prototyping labs always open to anyone who wants to deepen the world of robotics and discover how it can be applied. Stakeholders from the private and public sphere, as well as current customers and potential clients, visit Italrobot almost daily. It is always a refreshing experience for them, because our discoveries are everchanging, and so our unique robotics solutions.

Where innovation
is at home

Our facilities are part of a very dynamic territory enriched by the presence of various academic and research centers in the field of robotics. Currently, our labs include the operation of the following robotics systems: Arque system, the Educational Robot, the Pharmacy Robot and a station for physiotherapy and robotic rehabilitation. Also installed in the lab, an Anthropomorphic Robot Motoman Yaskawa 165kg, an Abb Anthropomorphic Robot 12-20kg and a humanoid of Motoman Yaskawa SDA-20.

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