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Italrobot Agritech Campania – CUP B29J21023460007 POR CAMPANIA FESR 2014-2020 – ASSE III – OBIETTIVO SPECIFICO 3.4 – AZIONE 3.4.2. – Avviso pubblico per la concessione di contributi finalizzati a sostenere eventi ed iniziative di promozione internazionale delle MPMI campane in occasione di Expo 2020 Dubai, approvato con D.D. n.156 del 14/06/2021. Approvazione terzo elenco di Domande di accesso alla agevolazione. Ammissione a finanziamento e concessione delle agevolazioni.

We live in an era where a large part of the population has the opportunity to have food of all types and origins on their table at any time. To make this happen, however, one often loses contact with respect for the cycles of nature, with its timing and methods, simply because the exponential demographic growth of man has upset the balance of the Earth, while globalization has been architect of the demolition of the space-time limits with which man has always lived. We therefore have the obligation to put a stop to this drift, it is necessary to review the practices of the agronomic process which, to date, in addition to unraveling biological rhythms, generates economic and raw material waste that FAO has estimated in 14% of food products. lost before even reaching the market: damage worth over 400 billion dollars. Agritech could represent the first step towards greater sustainability of the Italian and global agricultural sector.

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This radical transformation of our society, which took place in recent decades, has inevitably led to an evolution of the needs of the human being. What has changed little, or too little, are the tools with which we intend to meet these needs. Nowadays, in order to meet these needs, the exploitation of the work in the fields is increasingly frequent, which often results in violence and undignified living conditions. Therefore, with a view to greatly reducing the huge cost both in ecological terms and in human terms that involves the collection and use of obsolete agricultural techniques, Agritech puts in place a machinery thanks to which the work in the supply chain will take place in a more ethical, cleaner, more efficient. Agritech is the internationalization project that intends to open a window on the world, recounting the Italrobot experience: a virtuous example of the application of robotics in the agricultural sector, made a reality by the “4.0 company”.

Being able to renew in a sustainable way what is the backbone of life on Earth is the challenge that Agritech is facing every day. The positive consequences are transversal and affect crucial aspects of the production of raw materials, placing the relationship between humanity and the natural cycle of crops at the center of agriculture. Using a highly qualified workforce and doing without the use of pesticides, an important step is taken in the direction of an economy that is more educated to the real needs of the planet. A step that could be the forerunner of the future.

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